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About Robert Bookout

Author of THE BOY WITHOUT A TRIBE now a quarter-finalist in Amazon's Breakout Novel Award (ABNA). Also author of the soon to be released futuristic novel ALTAR OF ARCO

Who I am and why I’m here

I’m one of the ancients who still inhabit this earth. In 2014, my novel, THE BOY WITHOUT A TRIBE, was a semi-finalist in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award contest. For those interested in entering their own work in the 2015 ABNA contest, I’ll later post what it was like, and what it took to span Amazon’s hurdles.

I’m in the final phase of editing another novel: ALTAR OF ARCO. I plan to enter it in the 2015 contest that opens in February. I don’t want to finish in second place again. I want to collect the $50,000 prize for first place — but then, so do 9,999 other hopefuls — terrible odds. For this, I’m gonna need the support of a community. I have none. I hope to develop one with the help of this blog, which I plan to tie into the threads from the community on the Amazon contest.

The first hurdle in my plan is the 300-word pitch — Amazon eliminates 80% of the entrants here (10,000 entrants are pared down to 2000 in this the first round). The pitch has to entice the judges to move my novel forward. Along the way, unashamedly self-serving as it is of me, I plan to ask for your help. Admittedly, this is my motivation for undertaking this blog. These are big plans, and a lot to ask, for someone who has never before written a blog — cheeky of me, huh.